3 Ekim Perşembe 19:00

Reading Turkey in English: A Useless Man

Clifford Endres

Book Club

Kıraathane’s “Reading Turkey in English” Book Club continues to read A Useless Man -- Sait Faik Abasıyanık’s short stories recently translated by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe.

The book’s publisher Archipelago has this note on the beloved Turkish writer and his work: His stories celebrate the natural world and trace the plight of iconic characters in society: ancient coffeehouse proprietors and priests, dream-addled fishermen and poets of the Princes’ Isles, lovers and wandering minstrels of another time. Many stories are loosely autobiographical and deal with Sait Faik’s frustration with social convention, the relentless pace of westernization, and the slow but steady ethnic cleansing of his city. His fluid, limpid surfaces might seem to be in keeping with the restrictions that the architects of the new Republic placed on language and culture, but the truth lies in their dark, subversive undercurrents.


Clifford Endres: Came to Turkey on Fulbright 1985 & have been around most of the time since. Taught at Bogazici, Ege, Baskent & Kadir Has Universities. Translated with wife Selhan much Turkish poetry & prose plus various articles on Turkish literature. Lives in Fener. Now retired & doing nothing, but doing it well. 

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