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I’ll Never See the World Again / In Jail with Nâzım Hikmet

Catherine McKimm

Book Club

Something light for summer reading? Not exactly. Not when things are the way they are in this wonderful country of ours. True to form, Kıraathane's "Reading Turkey in English" Book Club chose to discuss Turkey's "prison literature" this month.

To do this, the group will first read Ahmet Altan's recent memoir I Will Never See The World Again, published by Granta in 2019. Translated from the Turkish by Yasemin Çongar, the volume comprises 19 essays Altan wrote in Silivri Prison. Altan completed his 1000th day behind bars in June 2019, being punished for his criticism of the country's political authorities -- a fate that befell many novelists, poets, and journalists under various civilian and military governments in Turkey.

To gain the perspective of history, the Book Cub will also read In Jail with Nâzım Hikmet by Orhan Kemal. Translated from the Turkish by Bengisu Rona and published by Everest, this volume includes Orhan Kemal's diary entries from his time in Bursa Prison in the early 1940s and Nâzım Hikmet's letters to him after Orhan's release from prison in 1943.

Catherine McKimm: An avid reader, reluctant lawyer, committed teacher and published author. Mother of four, married to a fabulous cook, she loves eating but not cooking. Born in Sydney, Australia, and based, for now, in wonderful Istanbul, she is a dedicated world traveller and loves to experience the different cultures and people that make this planet such an inspiring place to live. 

Catherine McKimm: İştahlı bir okur, gönülsüz bir avukat, kendini işine adamış bir eğitmen ve yazar. Dört çocuk annesi, mükemmel bir aşçının eşi. Şu sıralarda İstanbul’u mesken tutmuş Sydney doğumlu bir dünya gezgini.


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